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False hope

September 16, 2011 2 comments
According to the Oxford dictionary, wish is defined as ‘ feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen’. Whilst hope is defined as ‘a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen’. However, when you are clinging onto false hope, then it is just as bad as wishing for something that will never eventuate. For example, if you were a concubine thinking that one day your man will marry you. Or that you can lose 10kg without any effect on your part. Or that you will win the lottery.
That’s why we need reality checks. To bring us back to the real picture, not what we have conjured up in our heads. Even if it is the harsh truth, you would rather know than be blinded by the perfect world you have painted yourself or the pretence that others offer you to hold onto dearly.
***Photo by bgorsphotography

Hotel Chocolat @ St. Lucia, West Indies

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Chocolates are good for all occasions; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, parties, Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, the lot! Chocolates can be made into different other types of food such as cakes, muffins, ice cream, popcorn, you name it! For all the chocolate fans, do we dream that one day we can live in a world of chocolate?

During university, my friends knew very well that I was a chocolate addict and joked every time I ordered ‘Death by chocolate’ that they would do that for me. They said that I should have a chocolate coffin and make sure my bones chocolate dipped.

So is The Hotel Chocolat a dream come true for us? As I browsed through the Hotel Chocolat shop, I found out they are actually opening a chocolate themed hotel soon. With its soft opening on 28 February 2011, it offers cocoa butter spa products for massages, visits to the cocca groves, chocolate making classes and chocolate inspired dining. Located in St. Lucia, West Indies it is a popular destination for the Brits. I would say it is a good destination for any chocoholic as it adds a bit of flavour to your holiday.

***Photo taken by me in the Hotel Chocolat shop on the Strand@London

2011 resolutions

1. Meet a Brazilian
Having travelled to over 35 countries, I have met many people of different nationalities. However, I have not yet set foot in South American but hey, you don’t have to go to Brazil to meet a Brazilian. Just widening my circle of friends and decreasing the 5 degrees of separation even further.
2. Be an entrepreneur
That does not equal to being unemployed but with a fancy name. Are those people who tell others to ‘think big’ and ‘the sky is the limit’ successful? Or are they people who are struggling and just saying that to comfort themselves?
In any case this year, I’m venturing outside the box in terms of earning a living and let’s see where it takes me. I don’t have anything I can’t afford to lose, so let’s give it a go and who knows. This world is full of opportunities for those who seek them.
3. Have 500+ followers on my blog
We have always been told our goals should be measurable, so I have one follower on my blog at the moment and that is a great start! When I get 500+ followers, I’m going to call myself a ‘columist’. I think that it sounds much better than ‘blogger’, since I have this image of a non shaven bum sitting in his or her pajamas writing about what they ate for breakfast today.
4. Exercise twice a week
I’ve kept that up pretty well over the last couple of years so I’m going to keep it up this year. Mainly focusing on my dancing, the performance we had last December really hyped me up and I’m continuing to be enthusiastic about my dancing. Yay!

I Have a Dream

December 19, 2010 Leave a comment

The media promotes public figures, successful people and stardom like you never get enough of it and sometimes you think just like the slogan ‘Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.’ For example, the co-founders of Yahoo! both went to Stanford so it’s not a surprise that they became successful and CEOs of their own company. Or well Prince Harry is royal blood, so you can’t beat that. Or when you see Nichole Kidman you think she is so perfect her DNA is made up of the Golden-Ratio so you can’t doubt her.

That’s the reason why I love watching competition shows as such So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Next Top Model, X-Factor, UK’s Got Talent and the like. I am always amazed at how ordinary people’s lifes can be transformed over night. For example, Paul Potts was a chubby looking mobile phone salesman before he won on the show then performed for the Queen at her party.

For some of us, our jobs just pays the bills. We don’t really enjoy our time spent there, would rather be doing something else and can not wait to get off work. We envy those who loves their jobs. For some of us lucky ones, we may have hobbies that we are passionate about – photography, music, dance, reading, travelling etc. We sometimes wish if only we could make a living out of doing the things we love. But maybe if we do turn our passions into our daily jobs, it would take the love and fun out of it that it just becomes any other regular job. In the past year I have tried to come up with many ways of making a living other than a regular day job, like opening a cafe or maybe running a wedding planning business, even considered running a teaching centre. But each time there are excuses or knock backs or discouraging words that stop me from actioning. However, today I am reminded of what Martin Luther King once said ‘I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.’

Maybe this new turn of the decade will bring about new challenges and positive change that is nothing like anything I have ever dreamt of.