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November 30, 2010 1 comment

When you live in the UK long enough, you really crave the sun and save a lot of money on whitening products (honestly!). So Europeans love to take a couple of weeks off in summer and take a dip in the sun and go for a beach resort holiday.

Dubrovnik really is the best of both worlds; sun and beach resort combined with a touch of culture since the old town just a bus ride away. So after a day of UV absorption, you can visit the old town for some gourmet food or stroll on the streets with an ice cream in hand or just sit in the dark by the sea at the wharf listening to the waves. This little city is really nicely situated where cruises sometimes drop by for the day and let their guests tour the old town, then they can hop back on their cruise again.

We went to a restaurant by the sea in the old town and they had tables also set up on the beach if you choose to dine on sand with candle lights. Next to it was a bar where they had four post beds set up outside on the sand area, don’t you just love it when party, beach, alcohol and sex just all blends together nicely. But it wasn’t high season when we went, so none of that was witnessed, but it reminds me of Mykonos in Greece the party island. But I will have to leave for another episode – so stay tuned! Two other nights we spend dinner by the sea watching the sunset which was just so relaxing and well romantic depending who you are with, haha.

You can join day tours from Dubrovnik, one of which is to the Island of Mljet where part of the island is actually a National Park so you can see birds and other animals such as peacocks running around in the forest. There are also waterholes where you can go for a swim in the super clear water. Other island hopping day tours are available if you get sick of the beach outside your resort or fancy being on a ferry/boat.
A very interesting day trip you can go on is to Bosnia which sounds so very mysterious, but unfortunately with the HKSAR passport you require a visa which we couldn’t acquire on the spot so had to forgo the trip.

You can spend anything from an afternoon to a week in this place depending what suits your taste, so highly recommend it.