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Around the World #20 – Berlin, Germany

***Photography by journeyexplorer


Berlin – Germany

January 6, 2011 1 comment

Travelling always brings new insights and memories depending on who you are with and what mood you are in.

Scenario A: alone, world cup 
The first time I visited Berlin it was the second weekend after a broken relationship, so I ended up going around places on my own. With perfect timing, the FIFA World Cup was being hosted in Germany at the time, right in the middle of summer. So I joined the huge crowd at the Brandenburger Tor and watched the Japan vs Croatia game on the big screens. Screaming my head off with a bunch of Japanese (pretty good-looking guys I might add) and afterwards roaming the streets which were closed off for World Cup stalls selling food and souvenir, I had a really fun and exciting time.
With zero knowledge of the country’s history, I expected the Berlin Wall to be like tall city walls kind of like walls of a castle. But when I arrived, I found graffiti written on over it. I thought I had come to the rough suburbs of Berlin, especially being on my own I got a bit intimidated.
I especially liked the Holocaust Memorial, it was designed and displayed in a subtle way that shows respect and remembrance of what happened without splashing vivid images in your face. I personally think it was handled very well.
Scenario B: great company, below freezing point, missed flight

The four of us woke up super early for our 06:25am flight, but there was major traffic jam on the M23 so we missed our flight. We rebooked on a later flight to Munich instead, which ouch! costed us an arm and a leg. But hey we didn’t want to miss out on our weekend of fun. After a long detour and train ride with lots of laughs and games, we finally arrived in Berlin with barely 24 hours in this city so we decided to join a walking tour of the city.  Visiting all the historical sites with grey skies on a snowy day brought a solemn and somber feeling to each place and the events which shaped Berlin into what it is today.