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Something close to my heart

June 13, 2011 3 comments

Besides keeping up this blog, I’m actually a chartered accountant by day. In my spare time I work with children aged 3-6, which is something very close to my heart as I feel it is my destiny and gift. I don’t have any professional training in this area and I don’t have any children of my own but I feel time is the most precious gift I can offer at the moment. Hence I have been doing volunteer work for over the last 8 years in different capacities such as teaching Sunday School or working in hospitals/hospices and charities across Australia, HK and UK.

In the last couple of months, I have been spending every Saturday afternoon with a lovely autistic boy to help him with more social interaction skills, further speech development and other life skills that comes easily to some. Together with his mum, we are using ideas out of the Son Rise Program from the Autistic Treatment Centre of America.

Since I’m doing the British 10k run on 10 July 2011 in London, I thought instead of raising money for a particular organisation I should raise money for my dear little friend, who is turning 4 end of July. Maybe we can get him a special birthday present or more funding for his special needs in the future! Least of all, seeing a smile on his face will make it all worthwhile and I’m hoping you can take part in it.

To give, you can simply get in contact with me and I can provide you my bank account details in Australia,UK or HK so you can donate in the currency convenient for you. Of course, you can give it to me in person as well. My first goal is to raise £200 but I’m sure with loving hearts and the power of social media we can exceed this target easily.

Even if you don’t wish to give, please feel free to have a chat with me as I love to share some of my stories since most of the time I feel I have gained much more from my time with him than he from me.

Thank you!

***Photo by bgorsphotography


Discovering the joy of online shopping

Just a few simple clicks, a few more ‘Add to Basket’ clicks and I have successfully given myself a heart attack when I receive my monthly credit card bill.

I’m not your typical girl who is into shopping a lot. I don’t take retail therapy as a method of healing. I don’t do spontaneous buying because even if I try something on and I like it, I dont’ buy it on the spot. I always go home and if I’m still thinking about it, then I go back and get it. This test works quite well and has followed me for many years.

Now that I’m living in the UK again, it provides much less temptations on shopping compared to living in Hong Kong. In HK shops open til 9pm or 10pm all year round, but in London all shops are closed when I get off work except on a Thursday but I’m normally out with friends anyway. So whoever promoted e-commerce and online shopping is a genius which I have recently discovered and tasted. I got so bored of all the shops in the Canary Wharf shopping centre already which I raid every lunch time. But now lunch times are filled with all sorts of possibilities and exciting things. I check out the daily clearance because I don’t ever buy anything at full price. Then I check if there are any vouchers updated for specific shops that I like such as Topshop or Urban Outfitters, although I prefer to buy clothes in person.

This week I have purchased a Diana Krall and a Corinne Bailey Rae CD at Amazon. Then I stumble upon a Crabtree and Evelyn sale and I mean who doesn’t need more hand creams! Plus they are great birthday gifts when you run out of ideas. Then today I realised my favourite beauty and cosmetic shop in Hong Kong have an online order site now and delivers overseas over a certain amount of purchase. Of course I also don’t pay for postage and packaging! Don’t you get it by now, I’m a tight arse! No sorry, I meant I’m a well brought up lady who manages my finances well. Whatever!

Anyway I’m just rewarding myself with my first pay since I’ve been on a famine for the last few months. But don’t we all have a list of million excuses?!?

Favourite award winning airport

March 18, 2011 2 comments

Well since I’ve travelled to nearly 40 countries and over 170 cities across the globe, I have been to a hell of a lot of airports. For example, at Stockholm Skavsta Airport when the Ryanair staff checked us in there were no computers in sight at all, she just physically wrote our name on the prepared boarding passes.

I must mention Hong Kong’s International airport, since it is an award-winning airport with good amount of space, clear signage, top-notch staff, and most important of all, efficiency! The last thing you want is airport procedures causing any interruptions or delays to your journey. Many times, your luggage arrives at the baggage fall before you do and so you can just walk straight out.

Things I love about it:

  • You don’t have to pay for the trolley like you do at Sydney Kingston airport and they are lined up for you as soon as you get off the escalators;
  • There are no eye scans, fingerprints or body stripping procedures and immigration does not treat you as if you are a criminal on entry;
  • There are so many counters at immigration you usually don’t have to queue for more than a minute or two;
  • There are dedicated staff who turns the baggage round to make sure it is at the most convenient position to be picked up;
  • There are phones where you can make free local calls at the baggage claim area
  • Free wireless internet connection.

Tip on departure: If you want to get bottled water before you get on your flight, go to Mannings pharmacy and don’t get fooled by the piles of Evian stocked conveniently for tourists. Go to the counter and ask for Manning’s bottled water, they are four times cheaper than Evian and it tastes the same! Unless you are a Evian fan, then I won’t stop you. Note you can’t bring water on board if you are travelling to Australia though – ya annoying I know!

Long distance relationships

February 26, 2011 7 comments

I’m not a fan of long-term relationships. Usually give it a month or so and it starts to get shaky and awkward. But funnily enough, I have kept this long distance friendship with no sweat for the past 7 years or so and we have crossed multiple time zones and continents, such as:

B in Hong Kong — M in Australia

B in Hong Kong — M in UK

B in Australia — M in Hong Kong

B in Australia — M in UK

Despite all sorts of time differences and having met up for maybe 10 times in the last 7 years, we still manage to communicate every single day. Obviously thanks to the advancement of technology and the digital era, we have managed to exchange over 5000 emails, endless conversations over msn messenger, a million or so likes and comments on Facebook, physical birthday and Christmas cards to maintain our strong 15-year-old friendship. We whinge to each other on bad days, we consult advice on relationship issues, we tell of weird dreams after we wake up, we speak in code that no one else can understand, we know each other’s family, we’ve picked up a call with tears on the other side; and most important we laugh together and carry each other through difficult times. I absolutely can not disclose her identity because she knows ALL, and I mean everything, about me and she would be the first to kill if anyone needed ***TOP SECRET*** information about me.

Last month, as we met up for a drink on the rare and miraculous occasion that we are in the same city and same country, since there had been one time where we were both in Japan but in different cities, I kept trying to prolong our time together. After drinks I suggested we go for supper as well, since it’s so good to have a physical person there to chat with and laugh with. After I got on the taxi on my way home, I had a sense of emptiness and realised ‘Man, I really do miss her a lot!’ I don’t really have anyone one to go shopping with, to pig out on a plate of pancakes after we’ve just had all you can eat dinner, or go to facials and spas with. But somehow our friendship has evolved into how it is today and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Until the next time we meet, my dear friend.

***Photography by BGOR’S photography

Day out@ Sai Kung, Hong Kong

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Sai Kung is a wonderful place with a nice expat population but it has kept up its old traditions where seafood can be bought from fishermen on their boats. The price isn’t cheap I must say, unless you go when it’s around 4 or 5pm when they are about to sell out and go.


Hong Kong being in a tropical area, takes advantage of more warm days than cold ones during the course of the year. So anytime from about March to November you can go out for wake boarding, one of my favourite sports.


Don’t ever try the seafood restaurants by the waterfront, it is a rip off for tourists and the seafood quality and portions are ridiculous. We even got food poisoning last time we were there, definitely a no no.

A low-key 1 star Michelin Chinese restaurant called Loaf On can be found on a side street which offers seafood at an acceptable price with a few signature Chinese dishes.

For a cheap lunch, go to for some Thai chicken rice or noodle soup down the alley way .

Or if you fancy an all day breakfast, go to Jaspers.

After dinner, for some Chinese deserts, where else but Honeymoon.


On a nice day you will see tons of dog walkers with their dogs of all different shapes and sizes. Since there are not many dog friendly suburbs in Hong Kong, they tend to gather around the Sai Kung area. One time I even saw a white poodle dyed pink! Now that is a fashion statement!

***Photography taken by me with Panasonic GF1

Felix @ Peninsula, Hong Kong

February 10, 2011 2 comments

On a casual Tuesday night, two girls decided to go to Peninsula for a drink after dinner. We entered the brightly lit lift and pressed 28. Three seconds prior to the halt on the 28th, the bright lights dimmed into a reddish dark tone to prepare for our arrival into this high-rise restaurant and bar. We asked for window seats for drinks and possibly deserts, and the waitress promptly brought about both the food menu and the drinks menu for our study after we sat down. We are like many other girls are big desert fans but were utterly disappointed with the list of non appealing deserts offered including raisin cake with red wine ice cream and slow cooked pineapple. OK, call us ignorant but we didn’t know what Chocolate Ganache was and we weren’t brave enough to try it. So we decided to choose from the range of supper menu which we were surprised and pleased they had, we settled for crab spring rolls with two glasses of champagne cocktail.

Cocktails were nicely blended, although not very rich in flavour. Spring rolls were nicely presented as expected and it was true to its word as it only contained crabs and nothing else. It lacked a bit in colour as compared to vegetarian spring rolls where they have carrots and variety of vegetables. I also would have preferred if it were a little less oily. Complimentary nuts were not provided until asked for as we saw the other tables had them.

The table next to us had two tall and nicely made up girls sitting with a slim middle-aged man who kept sharing stories. The girls looked like attempt models who may have worked as entertainment journalists at nowTV or something like that. As the girls ate, they responded politely to his stories whilst they drank red wine. Assuming he is a well off gentleman, it’s interesting how he felt he had to make the effort to keep the girls entertained by telling interesting stories. Two sides to the same coin though, my curiosity thought about whether the girls would really be here if he wasn’t well off and paid for this expensive dinner. I always notice so much of other things at restaurants and that makes dining out so fascinating besides absorbing its food. But I can’t say I’m much different from them in this respect, as I walked to the bathroom which you have to walk past the lifts to get to, I noticed four finely dressed gentlemen standing around waiting to get down. So I quickly adjusted my mini skirt, took a deep breath, held my head high as I did my catwalk to the bathroom. Just as I had planned it, their eyesight followed me right through the female bathroom door.


***Photography contributed by BGOR’s Photography

Day out @ Stanley, Hong Kong

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Stanley market welcomes you as soon as you arrive with shops selling souvenirs and other local products to attract tourists. You can utilise your bargaining skills and grab yourself a straw hat or sunglasses but most interesting is the typical Chinese styled clothing, especially the ones for children – they are so cute. Every time I walk pass, I want to get a pair of those tiny baby shoes for my friends’ children back in Australia.

After roaming through the market, you can enjoy a breezy relaxing lunch by the waterfront at one of the restaurants such as Pickled Pelican. If you having a craving for fish and chips, here is where you can get it. They offer a variety of good food and nice outdoor sitting ideal just to chill out.

As you digest the lovely food and drink, go for a walk on the main beach and get your feet wet or sit down and watch people enjoy some water sports (except in winter). Also visit the Murray House, which is a Victorian era building moved to Stanley from Central with an effort to preserve its historic value.

A perfect way to wrap up your afternoon is with an ice cream from Gino’s Gelato just outside Stanley Plaza. Their waffle basket is not bad, but none can beat The New Zealand Natural ones especially the ones I made when I used to work there. **wink** Before you go, buy a tin of cookies as take home gift from Jenny Bakery. With is buttery cookies so addictive it makes you want to eat the whole tin all in one sitting, plus a cup of tea it is truly divine. I would recommend the small 4 mix tin at a reasonable price and nice variety. But if you are a nut fan, you should get the 8 mix and they all come in a lovely pictured tin which you can reuse after you have consumed all the cookies.

***Photography by me with my LOMO Diana F+