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Kitchen Italiana @Westfield, London

Midway through shopping at Westfield, it was time to fill our tummies and we found Kitchen Italia for a nice relaxing lunch. There were self-serviced parmesan, olive oil and I’m not sure if the pot of plant is supposed to be herbs you can use also, but I didn’t try it, tell me if you do.

The lasagna was such a pleasant surprise, which tasted really great. It was served on a hot plate with a knife hung on the side and it was ‘irregularly shaped’ definitely not the stuff I usually get from a box. The tiger prawn pasta with chilli and olive oil was pretty good and well blended, although I usually prefer wider width pasta.

Even though we were full, we couldn’t say no to desert. The cheesecake I found was too heavy whilst the fruity sauce on top was way too sour. But the pistachio ice cream was amazingly heavenly, full of strong pistachio scent and so creamy smooth silky in your mouth. I must say it wow-ed in me even if I’m not an ice cream fan.

Oh and by the way, their Mango rush drink was really nice and refreshing too.


Everything London #5 – Breast milk ice cream, Covent Garden

February 26, 2011 2 comments

Baby Gaga – Breast milk ice cream at 14 pound a serving.

This is an after note @2 March 2011 – Let’s see what comes out of the product now being confiscated for testing. Well it was good publicity for the restaurant in any event.