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Everything London #32 – One Man, Two Guvnor

I deliberately didn’t read any reviews or other information about this show before I went so I would walk in with no expectations. In fact, I thought this was a musical until my galfriend said he was looking forward to her first drama in London. We did not know what guvnor even meant! This did not disappoint at all and even had a few surprises chucked in. It is really entertaining, funny even a bit quirky, I was laughing so much, especially in the first act which I much preferred over the second. I love it how they create a really relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy the show and the use of the lovely band with their light-hearted music. A very good use of the stage even with such a simple set. Lead actor Owain Arthur is really awesome and light of the show supported well by the other actors, but he truly stands out.

I am also glad to know they are making good use of social media, I twitted about going to see the show on the day and they replied my twitt asking me to let them know how I enjoyed it. A show that has heart and puts effort towards their audiences is a great bonus. Definitely a good night out, don’t miss out.


Everything London #20 – London Symphony Orchestra

Breath taking sounds and notes that makes your hairs stand.

I wouldn’t usually associate those adjectives to orchestra or classical music, but it was what I felt when I went to A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the London Symphony Orchestra this week.

The first section started off with a Walt Disney type introduction, taking you through a happily ever after fair tale story with birds and wonders being discovered on the way. It was so pleasant to the ears and it draws a picture with its tones. Music is such a powerful tool.

After intermission, they get right into A Mid Summer Night’s Dream which was so amazing I fail to find the right words to describe. There were two sopranos singing, although they only sang for like 3 minutes max with a whole group of 30 school boys singing tenor in the background. When it finished I was not content, as I really wanted more. Loud applauds with the conductor and narrator on and off the stage for three times. The audience really appreciated it and it’s a shame that they were only performing for one night.

Usually after a night like this, it makes me want to take up music again. My dream is to learn harp if and when I have a daughter so that we can play together. I always imagined wearing a long white dress and playing the harp, looks so much like an angel. Actually it was funny since the person playing the harp was a male this time.

It makes me so grateful to be in this very international city where I can enjoy a good nights out with strong culture. I’m surprised they didn’t have piano though, I wonder why that is?!?

***Photo by bgorsphotography


Everything London #19 – Piano Bar

My favourite bar? Piano Bar

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this wonderful place but I remember first time I was there it was amazing atmosphere, buzzing with people having a good time, nice deco being in the Kensington area. So the pianist is performing a piece with a good crowd, then suddenly the waiter grabs a mic and starts singing too. Oh my he had a good voice, and very good-looking too I might add.

They serve some nice nibbles as well, although not cheap at a place like this. Their drinks menu offer a variety of cocktails, wine and other beverages.

Since I’ve moved back to London I’ve been meaning to visit this awesome place again. But the night preceding a long weekend it was so full, there wasn’t even a place to stand, so a group of us 8 had to leave. Then I realised they opened another brand in Soho near Chinatown and I’m there all the time. Although not as nicely decorated and the crowds are probably not as ‘high class’ and I don’t think they serve any food at all, but they have more musicians than just the piano. The piano is nicely complimented with cello and drums. Also when it’s good music with great company,  it is the perfect night out.

***Photo by bgorsphotography

Call me when you get this

Does it annoy you when your friend leaves you a voicemail and all they say is just ‘call me when you get this’? Since most of the time I know who it is that called me, because there was an invention called Caller ID if you don’t already know about it. So I don’t need an extra message to say ‘call me when you get this’ without telling me what you called me about. I don’t enjoy hearing it unless it is in this context…

Today I felt very nostalgic so I started listening to Corinne Bailey Rae on YouTube. Her album was the first CD I bought when I came to London the first time. Even now I listen to it, I never get tired of it. I just let it repeat and repeat. I don’t know much about her, I don’t follow her news or bought any of her other albums, I can’t even pronounce her name properly. But she seems to modest with such a lovely personality, kind of reminds me of X Factor winner Leona Lewis. And omg, I LOVE HER HAIR! I’m going to leave my hair long and perm it just like that again…