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Everything London #35 – Olympics 2012

So glad to be living in an Olympic city second time around after Sydney 2000. Surprisingly, even saw the opening ceremony fireworks from my bedroom window. I’m still debating whether I should support GB Team, Aussie or China?!?! Whichever wins, I’m happy for!

Transport system is coping well so far and since everyone else is either working from home or flexi time I haven’t had to change my lifestyle to match.

Enjoying the numerous cultural and festive events around town to cater for all the tourists such as Wonderground by SouthBank. The Boom Boom Club show was really awesome and highly recommended.

London, you are so beautiful and amazing.

***Photo by journeyexplorer


Everything London #14 – 2012 Olympics tickets goes on sale

So many things about London is so wonderful. I remember the day London won the chance to host the Olympics there were celebrations everywhere and everyone was in a really good mood since it was a really nice day also. Some friends and I went out for drinks at Leicester Square to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere across town. But now a few years down the track, I don’t see how London has prepared for the big event at all. I can see some changes and improvements here and there, but it is far from ready with just over a year’s time to go.┬áChina did such an awesome job at organising the last games, I don’t know how London can follow suite honestly.

The London 2012 Olympics schedule can be found on the official website and you can sign up to buy tickets online. Over 2.5 million people have already signed up so join the fight if you haven’t already. Once you have confirmed your tickets within the 6 week application time frame, you can start planning your trip over. Woohoo!

***Photo by bgorsphotography