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Pancakes on The Rocks @Sydney

So a friend of mine is visiting Sydney and is asking me for recommendations on where to go, what to see and where to eat. So since my London series is going on number 20 I thought I’d do a few reviews on Sydney as well.

One of my favourite hang out places is, Pancakes on The Rocks. As most Sydney locals will know, it is a place to chat, hang out, have desert and I even had my farewell party there. It’s also open 24 hours which is one of the rare places in Sydney that does.

It’s such a great place that one time after my friend and I had a buffet near by, we couldn’t resist the urge of going there for more food. Their three thick pancakes layered with ice cream on top is just irresistible. Good for sharing or just finish off the plate on your own and pat on the back for not feeling a hint of guilt.


My Old Dutch @Holburn, London

March 19, 2011 3 comments

My Old Dutch Pancake House provides authentic Dutch pancakes just like the ones I’ve had in Amsterdam.

For savoury choices, smoked duck and smoked salmon are my favourite because it’s not loaded with cheese which makes me feel like I’m really just eating a pizza equivalent. The smoked duck one kind of reminds me of the crispy duck wrapped in bread which you can get in Chinese restaurants. The smoked salmon one is nice, although the cream sauce can be a heavy at times.

For sweet pancakes, I can’t say no to anything chocolate really.

It is not stated clearly on their website but on their menus, they have 5 pound pancakes on Mondays! So if you are on a budget, it’s always handy.

***The bigger pancake in the pic is The Old Dutch, the smaller one is smoked salmon.