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Around the World #14 – Paris, France

April 5, 2011 2 comments

***Photography by journeyexplorer


Concorde Opera @Paris, France

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

I had an early arrival around 7am, although they didn’t have any rooms available for me to check in until around 10am I just spent time in the business centre going on the internet. The receptionist was very helpful and even gave me his mobile number in case I needed to call him about anything during my stay! After a quick croissant breakfast across the road, they had my room ready for me.

The superior room is actually a very decent size for a Paris hotel. There is a separate room for the living room which I didn’t spend any time in during my two-week stay, so I would prefer it if it was just one big open area instead of another room. The bathroom is clean and spacious with bathrobe and all amenities provided, it’s a habit that I don’t bring my own toothbrush now if I’m staying in hotels.

I had room service for dinner on the first night, the salad was just so so. The next day, I tried their buffet breakfast and they had a variety of breads, hot food and even cup noodles. I made myself a smoked salmon with fancy cheese baguette with the food provided and it was delicious, a great start to my day.

The location is awesome which is why I choose it in the first place. Walking distances to eateries around Opera area, and I could drop my bags off at the hotel after a shopping spree before I headed out to dinner, since they have dinner quite late in Paris. 30 secs to a metro stop, so what more can one ask for. It’s a pretty safe area I felt, although walking home after dinner one night I had a guy come up to me asking for money. He said he left his credit card inside Galeries Lafayette and asked for 50 euros for his taxi fare. He had a whole story going, that he worked for RBS and I can take his watch or passport if I wanted to as security for the 50 euros. He just needed a cab to his hotel because it can’t be reached my metro etc. If he asked for 5 euros for a metro ticket I would have given it to him, but 50 euros is a lot so I just said “Sorry, can’t help” and walked away. I felt pretty bad afterwards but these things you really never know.

Laundry service is efficient and clean, although they lost one of my thermal pants and couldn’t find it, or couldn’t understand what I was trying to say, so I just gave up in the end.

They had free wi-fi which is very important to me as I don’t like to pay for my internet service and having to time how long I’ve been on it etc. This is stress free.

Overall a very pleasant stay as they called a taxi for me to get to the airport, I would recommend this hotel to anyone who doesn’t mind paying a premium for a nice stay.