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Time is the most precious thing one can give

August 11, 2011 3 comments

In the past couple of weeks , I have been working “late” til about 7pm. Come on, in  Europe and Australia, that is hard work and dedication! As opposed to Asia leaving at 7pm is un-think of unless there is a valid reason. Someone used to constantly tell me that salary you get in your wallet ends up being about the same in all these different regions ,because you pay such high taxes in Europe and Australia. But now my debate is that my hourly rate is definitely much higher in Europe, because even if I get the same amount of pay I am actually working much less hours.

In the end, everyone is just selling their time for a price. It depends how smart you are with it and you can manage what type of income is coming into your bank account. For example, some people become lawyers so that they can charge for every 6 minute intervals for making a phone call, writing an email or my favourite one is ‘admin’. You can work at a supermarket check out counter for minimum wage or be a prostitutes that charges a sexy hourly rate. As a customer, most services are charged with a time measurements like if you are getting a massage or have an appointment with a therapist etc.

Our society though tends to have a funny culture in a sense that people love to be seen as ‘busy people’. When you bump into a colleague at the coffee machine it’s always like ‘Yeah, really busy.’ Weekends are packed with events on the social calender and you have to juggle between who you prefer seeing more when there is double booking. Otherwise you might be perceived as lazy, boring or a social reject. Obviously, time offering is very valuable. Spending quality time with loved ones, play time with your children, looking after elderly parents and volunteer work are all priceless moments. Yet many times I find that, our physical body may be there in the same space but our attention is failing.

Time is the most precious thing one can give and I am definitely one that craves it from friends, family and partner. I hope that when I am giving my time, I am also giving them my full undivided attention. What about you?

***Photo by bgorsphotography


Long distance relationships

February 26, 2011 7 comments

I’m not a fan of long-term relationships. Usually give it a month or so and it starts to get shaky and awkward. But funnily enough, I have kept this long distance friendship with no sweat for the past 7 years or so and we have crossed multiple time zones and continents, such as:

B in Hong Kong — M in Australia

B in Hong Kong — M in UK

B in Australia — M in Hong Kong

B in Australia — M in UK

Despite all sorts of time differences and having met up for maybe 10 times in the last 7 years, we still manage to communicate every single day. Obviously thanks to the advancement of technology and the digital era, we have managed to exchange over 5000 emails, endless conversations over msn messenger, a million or so likes and comments on Facebook, physical birthday and Christmas cards to maintain our strong 15-year-old friendship. We whinge to each other on bad days, we consult advice on relationship issues, we tell of weird dreams after we wake up, we speak in code that no one else can understand, we know each other’s family, we’ve picked up a call with tears on the other side; and most important we laugh together and carry each other through difficult times. I absolutely can not disclose her identity because she knows ALL, and I mean everything, about me and she would be the first to kill if anyone needed ***TOP SECRET*** information about me.

Last month, as we met up for a drink on the rare and miraculous occasion that we are in the same city and same country, since there had been one time where we were both in Japan but in different cities, I kept trying to prolong our time together. After drinks I suggested we go for supper as well, since it’s so good to have a physical person there to chat with and laugh with. After I got on the taxi on my way home, I had a sense of emptiness and realised ‘Man, I really do miss her a lot!’ I don’t really have anyone one to go shopping with, to pig out on a plate of pancakes after we’ve just had all you can eat dinner, or go to facials and spas with. But somehow our friendship has evolved into how it is today and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Until the next time we meet, my dear friend.

***Photography by BGOR’S photography