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Everything London #25 – Boxpark Shoreditch

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment

A bus ride through Shoreditch High Street caught my eye as I see a whole row of shops lined the streets in identical rectangular shaped doors with brand named labels. It created enough interest to venture out there to explore this new hip and heavily invested area as the next up and coming, apparently.

I always love boutique shopping, especially in Asia or sometimes if lucky in Europe as well. Although the outlook is very greyish metallic, border line boring but it makes you look carefully on each of the individually decorated stores and food shops which attempts to attract your visit.

After a brief stroll on a windy evening, we decided to sit down for a meal and choose Bukowski. Well actually only because Pieminister was sold out and it reminded me of that episode on The Apprentice where they had to make their own fast food chain and the team that did pie was a big success. Anyway their Wild Burger, which is burger of the month I think, is to be highly recommended. Not cheap for a burger but definitely worth every penny with their incredibly fresh and organic ingredients – very juicy meat with lush mushroom and nicely done bun. Their fries are made with tender love and care topped with their mayo is just amazing. I don’t quite like their homemade tomato sauce but that’s just I’m a slave of Heinz. Definitely try their homemade lemonade though. A nice casual meal with a good friendly environment and staff.

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Your Place or Mine?

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

It is not just about physical location but it has so many other hidden agendas.

It might reflect status or class depending on which area they live in or distance to travel from the nightclub which is in the centre of town. Travelling 2 hours on the train might not be ideal because the heat of the moment would have been lost or she just doesn’t look as attractive in the well-lit trains.

It might reveal who has the upper hand or who is the lead in this partnership since one person might have to turn up to work or their social event the next day in the same attire as they are wearing at this party.

It might just tell too much too soon. For example, their horrific bad habits such as not showering or brushing their teeth daily. Or ridiculously untidy living style as you might find sprays of dried urine on the side of their toilet bowl. One may also have secrets they don’t want to reveal such as photos of their ex in a crystal photo frame on their bedside table.

It may also be inconvenient for a closer circle of people as one may share a flat with 5 others and making too much noise in the middle of the night will cause gossip if nothing else.

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Everything London #23 – Cafe Japan, Golders Green

February 18, 2012 3 comments

A small cosy restaurant with open kitchen with legendary the most freshest sashimi in London at very reasonable price. I went back for the first time after 3 years and things are never as good as before or as you remember them. I suppose there are the dangers of getting fresh fish from Japan now because of all the radiation after math. Prices have maintained but I think sushi portions have become smaller. It was still a good night out with good food and even better hot sake which just warms you up from the inside. Never mind since I’m off to Japan next week for 10 days then I can taste more local cuisine. Yay! Can’t wait!

This place always require booking so remember to call in advance. But if you did turn up and there are no seats, at least get takeaway. Please remember they are closed Mondays.

***Photo by journeyexplorer
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Speak their language

February 17, 2012 7 comments

When I visit any country, I learn at a bare minimum ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in their local language. It can give me a flavour of their culture. But more importantly, it goes a long way if you try to make an effort to break the ice especially when you are trying to ask for directions or something.

A friend once told me about the 5 different love languages being words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. I’m trying to learn and speak another person’s language so that what I’m trying to express can be received. It’s like every Saturday when I spend two hours one on one with my autistic little friend, most of the time I join him in whatever he is doing with the aim to make him comfortable in his world then he can reach out when he is ready.

I’m learning to appreciate and show appreciation with less complaining and judging. Life is short and it never offers ‘happily ever after’s. There are no money back guarantees or return policies. There aren’t any types of contracts / prenups that can stipulate terms and conditions with small fine print for you to read or check. Tsunamis or earthquakes may hit and whether you can be a survivor depends on your attitude and willingness to fight. When you have people around you to share your ups and downs, that is most precious. I want to simply be true and kind to those around me because that is the best way I’m telling them that I treasure them.

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Everything London #24 – Cote, London Bridge

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Cote is a French inspired restaurant with lovely candle lit atmosphere with a river side view which can be great for a date or with a group of friends. Their friendly staff gives you a choice of seats and always bring to your attention their ‘complimentary filtered water’.

I love their awesome valued early dinner set menu but with just as good quality food. Plus they constantly refresh this menu so you can go back without getting bored. I have been here four times and had something different each time – below is salmon fishcakes and slow cooked chicken leg. Their food has been more than satisfactory every time, made with attention and creativity – everything from their sauces to presentation on the plate is very thoughtful.

Photo by journeyexplorer

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Everything London #22 – Singing in the Rain

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I have seen a dozen musicals around the globe and the genre of more light hearted shows always appeals to me. My favourite are Mary Poppins (London), Beauty and the Beast (Broadway New York) and Lion King (Sydney).

Footwork of all their performers was excellent and I especially loved their tap dancing. The singing voice of Scarlett Strallen playing Kathy is just amazing. The squeaky voice of Katherine Kingsley is amusingly annoying. Their stage is one to be applauded to cater for the rain and their main dance act which was excellent.

Although a few mishaps for their second night of performance such as leaking water from above but nevertheless a great show and highly recommended!

***Photo by journeyexplorer

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5 cities in 2012

January 10, 2012 2 comments

From travelling once a month over the past few years to a very static 2011, I think my travel bug has been very well rested and is now back in action.

5 cities I want to visit in 2012

1. Dalaman – Istanbul leaves a strong impression in my travel books and makes me want to explore more parts of this country. This city lets me visit the sea which I love and crave with an added blend of culture.

2. Buenos Aires – Argentina always gives me a classy feel compared to the rest of South America. From its steak and wine to their people with passionate and elegance, it seems such a mysterious yet bursting place.

3. Moscow – Despite how much I can not stand the cold, funnily enough I actually applied for a job in Moscow a few weeks ago. Nothing eventuated and I wasn’t really prepared to live there as an expat and experience your eyelashes being frozen constantly. However, it’s definitely a priority city with its fascinating roughness and harshness.

4. Jerusalem – Being a Christian this place has relevant history, pilgrimage journey, and spiritual significance. Its political debate is also of interest but I mainly want to absorb whatever it has to offer.

5. Mt. Kilimanjaro – OK so it’s not really a city, but I was really inspired reading and listening to other people’s stories of hiking and mountain conquering. It’s definitely on my list to achieve which gives a chance to proof something to myself.

What about you?

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