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Nobu@ Dallas, Texas US

Yesterday whilst waiting to meet with a recruitment agent, I read the City A.M. article ‘The Codfather on life, fish and Nobu’s enduring success. I’m always fascinated by the story and the person behind the success of a business as I want to learn lessons and tips from them. It’s interesting how Nobu said his brother took sushi lessons, I didn’t know they existed. I only know of apprentices in Japan who have to endures years of dish washing, cleaning and hardship before they are even allowed to touch a knife. I have seen reality TV shows of apprentices who want to be sushi chefs, but it’s so tough that the end up crying at the back of the shop most nights as Japanese masters can be tough teachers with their cultural background.

Last time I lived in London, I didn’t dare spend 120 to 200 pounds on a meal at Nobu, a one Michelin star Japanese fusion restaurant, although I have heard much about it and people say you should at least splash out once. So when I got a chance I didn’t miss it. I went to visit a Nobu at Dallas, Texas whilst on a business trip. It’s funny because it is located at Crescent Court which also homes a luxury hotel and other upscale restaurants. As soon as you drive into their car-park you feel an air of finery with fancy cars parked in and valet attendants waiting to take your car. With me driving a low-end Chevrolet, I parked my own car and walked towards Nobu which crosses part of the hotel area.

Being on my own I decided to sit at the sushi bar, which I later regretted as it was too up close and personal as the sushi chefs tried to make conversation and I don’t like it when people watch me eat. Being a scallop lover, I ordered thinly sliced scallop sashimi fanned on a scallop shell with a lemon based sauce as a starter. The presentation is no doubt neat, but I didn’t really like it because it was too sour, I prefer a whole scallop which I can just defrost from a box I get from Citysuper or Jusco. I guess I never vote for fusion food anyways, because I believe it should be authentic which is the whole point of food originating from a particular region or country as it is backed by culture and history. I also had the Alaskan King Crab Tempura which was just ordinary. Maybe next time I will go with a date then at least I won’t be rushing out because the sushi chefs are paying me too much attention.

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